3 étapes pour acheter un mobil-home ou un chalet haut de gamme au domaine 5 étoiles Le Clos des Capitelles
Three steps to acquire a second home in accordance with your wishes.
Unlike using ways to put pressure, we offer personalized support throughout your reflection, so that it is faithful to you and as realistic as possible! No intermediary, no marketing person between the Domain Le Clos des Capitelles and you, because helping you making the right choice ensures us welcoming residents who are happy to be here!


Check the adequacy of your project to our structure

Do you have questions or is there anything unclear? Do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form or at 04 66 60 24 57. Let us know your project, your desires, your requirements, your expectations and we will together check the adequacy of your project to our domain. To facilitate your reflection, we can also send you a documentation adapted to your desires.

It should be noted that we are not looking for residents at all costs, but people who are happy to be here, whose desires are filled by our structure. So if we feel that we can not meet your selection criteria, we will not fail to help you to reorient. You don't have to directly engage, you ask yourself questions, we inform you.

Getting an appointment

If the telephone interview confirms the relevance of our domain for your second home project, make an appointment to visit it (visits are ONLY by appointment and preferably in low or mid-season). Seeing it with your own eyes, the projections are always simpler to conceive, and seeing the size of it all, they are always more realistic.

Discovery tour

Make your project mature

During this meeting, ideally in low or mid-season, we will make you visit the domain.You will see our equipment, we will present you our various services and you will visit, according to the availabilities of the moment, our mobil homes or chalets for sale on the spot. It will also be an opportunity to project yourself, compare our pitches to select the one that best fits your expectations.

For us, this discovery tour is not so much an opportunity to showcase ourselves as toraise your questions; this, so that you are sufficiently informed before making your choice... the right choice. Because the serenity of Le Clos des Capitelles is, first and foremost, the serenity of its residents, ie your serenity!

Whether you want a new or secondhand mobile home or chalet, we will send you all the information you need to help you selecting a structure that matches your ideals.

Try one night in a mobil home or chalet

For a total immersion deep inside our domain, prolong your visit by a stay in mobil home or chalet. To ensure availability, it is imperative to contact us to book. Find all the information on our page mobil homes & chalets renting .

You only want to test one night? Subject to availability, this is possible too. Bonus: if you buy a mobile home / chalet, we will refund you this night.

Contract reading & signing

Make your dream come true

To avoid disappointment, we read together each point of the contract for the annual rental of the pitch you have chosen. You can get as much detail as you want. We believe that a serenity formula must begin in the greatest transparency! That is why we aspire to the best understanding, that we initiate by the desire for mutual understanding.

Delivering the keys

Once the terms of the contract are approved and signed, the amount paid, we take care of supervising all the installation and preparations of your mobile home or chalet. On your arrival we welcome you and give you the keys to enjoy your second home and all our infrastructures and services.

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