Parc boisé du camping domaine 5 étoiles Le Clos des Capitelles entre Provence, Cévennes et Ardèche
Do you think a second home is a transferable good? Do you think buying and chaining are not synonymous? You think that investing is not throwing away time, but projecting oneself in time to anchor oneself in a vibrant present, then the quality requirements of the Domaine Le Clos des Capitelles should delight you!

Our goal: harmony in every way!

Satisfied residents & Friendly interaction

A quality management

Cultivating harmony in every way means considering each resident and employee as a member of the estate. It is to consider the park as an irreducible whole. Thus, our conception of Le Clos des Capitelles is a place where life is good, with a friendly atmosphere of an authentic small village.

That's why our greatest satisfaction is that of our residents. And because in addition to being desirable, working with pleasure is felt and spread, all our initiatives are driven by a desire for continuous improvement.. This is a win-win investment for both our residents and our team.

In 2019, in addition to our various labels, we are implementing a quality management inspired by the requirements of the iso-9001 standard.. This in order to perpetuate your satisfaction as well as that of the entire Le Clos des Capitelles team.


  • Quality after-sales service. Every effort is made to respond as soon as possible to any problem. "We never give up".
  • No excessive increase in rent: we follow the INSEE index of the cost of living. No bad surprises!
  • No obligation to change your mobile home / chalet over the years.
  • Open all year for you and all your beneficiaries.
  • Family domain, human sized. Relations between residents and team are strong & without any intermediary.

A preserved park

Sustainable management labeled by La Clef Verte

Because life is prior to all pleasure and because all respectful pleasure considers it with care, the humanism values ​​which are the basis for our holiday domain are extended to the care of environment..

The quality of life of the annual vacationers, those of passage as well as of our whole team, is improved. The aesthetics of our landscape integration and the tranquility of the place, promote the return to the origins.


  • No pesticide
  • No phytosanitary products
  • Customized gardens in conjunction with the harmony of the park
  • Mobile homes and chalets made in France
  • Any trimming of plants are done by us ==> client's serenity & aesthetic assured
  • Composters that compost organic matter intended for ground fertilization
  • Solar heating of the swimming-pool (in spring and late summer)
  • Park lighting with energy saving light bulbs
  • Reinforced insulation
  • Commitment of all our residents to selective sorting
  • Respect for the requirements of La Clef Verte

A sustainable heritage ...

A free and transmissible enjoyment

Because when we project we appreciate the long term, but because the vagaries of life are not known in advance and the desires are evolving, Le Clos des Capitelles allows you to stay as long and often as you want without to be tied to it.


  • Sustainable structure: share it with your children & grandchildren
  • Optimization & Support in your sales project
  • Very beautiful sustainable building ==> A very moderate drecrease of value over the years
  • Resale service: we take care of everything to sell your vacation home at the best price

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